by Cynthia Soroka

The Dark Chronicles®
Volume II
Red Blood
ISBN# 1-881374-71-8
U.S.A. - $6.99
CANADA - $8.58
U.K. - £4.14

The fight for life continues . . . A power stuggle between inner strength and outer influences puts the world in danger of destruction. Fighting against a dream, only one can save them. Take a peek into the dark .

. . Breathing heavily, obviously worried, Bantar's wife spoke. "Casiopiea! Bantar's missing!" "Calm down. Where?" Darkmere asked, placing his hands softly on her shoulders and looking directly into her eyes. She pointed into the distance as lighting again streaked through the skies. Darkmere looked at Casiopiea. "The clearing. We'll go look. Stay here in case he comes back," he told the woman.

Evil transcends all around and our adventurers find themselves incased while a diety so vile wants them all dead so he can take what's rightfully his. Tried for murder 150 years in the past, meeting face to face with ancestors and being thrown through the wheels of time sends our clan through their toughest days they have ever encountered.

Wedding bells ring for some, while others are torn between their inner callings. Enemies turn into allies and friends transform into horrid nightmares. Spills, chills, and all around hair standing on end suspense.

The Dark Chronicles Volume II - Red Blood will send you to Bill's in desparate need of a well earned drink!

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