by Cynthia Soroka

The Dark Chronicles®
Volume III
ISBN# 1-881374-72-6
U.S.A. - $6.99
CANADA - $8.58
U.K. - £4.14

Triumph?! The fight for life comes to its end . . . Uncovering the truth, the only survival is to change. Reaching inside themselves, the adventurers must find a way out of the jaws of death and destroy the killer. Indulge in the dark . . . Blood covered them all as the skeletal hands turned to ones of flesh and blood. The screams deafened them all.

The third volume of The Dark Chronicles takes our adventurers through the worst of times and the best. Skeltons, ghosts, vampires, dragons, orbs, relatives, and many other scarey things haunt our guests. Destruction at the hands of dieties clashing as the world comes closer to destruction A lord takes his lady, an half-elf deals with the meaning of his life and an adoption takes place. Long lost souls fighting to stay alive against tremendous odds.

Evil permeates through everywhere including some of our most favored characters. Children who were unknown. A ban on smoking in public character is extremely sensitive to smoke. A small dragon man has a great time and death is imminent for some, but who?

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